HHREC is consistently called upon as a valuable resource in assisting with projects that support Prop 63-The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).

HHREC Special projects may include coordinating targeted outreach on behalf of county administrators, convening and facilitating focus groups, and creating outdoor media campaigns.

Tabacco Symposium

HHREC provides hands on support to facilitate planning committees for conferences and symposiums. Recent conferences have included Alameda County Innovations Conferences’ Round One, Two and Three; Innovations in Re-Entry Conference and Alameda County’s Tobacco Recovery Conferences and Symposium. 

A recent special project for HHREC is the creation of WISER, a magazine for older adults with mental health wellness and resource information.

We identify an older adult as ages 60 and over. We identify this time of life as being one of enjoyment and having the freedom to spend quality time with our loved ones and friends. It is a time when we can create a fulfilling schedule suited to our needs and desires.


The Mission of the POCC is to improve the quality of life for Alameda County residents who have mental health or mental health and substance use issues, in whatever settings they find themselves, and to provide the consumer perspective in Transforming Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services to a recovery vision that is consumer-driven, culturally responsive, and holistic in its services and supports. The POCC pro­vides an empowered and informed voice: of, by, and for consumers in the behavioral health care system, related systems, and in the community.


HHREC believes health coverage is important to keep You and Your Family healthy.


The Health & Human Resource Education Center (HHREC) in partnership with its Certified Covered California Community Partners are working together to provide you with up to date information and education on opportunities for health coverage. Our mission is to increase awareness, understanding and enrollment into Medi-cal. We are promoting the value of enrolling in Medi-cal coverage, changing attitudes and motivating individuals to take the next step to enroll.

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HHREC Community Partners are also able to provide enrollment and renewal assistance for the Affordable Care Act's Covered California Health Insurance plans.   Our Partners will help you navigate through the Covered California web based portal so you may compare health insurance plans. They will assist you in knowing if, and how much, financial assistance you qualify for or if you are eligible for reduced premiums.


Get the healthcare you deserve.  Contact one of our Certified Covered CA Agents listed below and learn how you can apply for health insurance today.

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