GET FIT Campaign

The GET FIT program is a Health & Wellness course that educates participants on physical activity, nutrition, and mental wellness. The program’s duration is a 6 week course with physical activity, peer group support and healthy eating demonstrations.


  1. Provide information about exercise, hydration, nutrition, and mental wellness.

  2. Educate participants about the 8 Dimensions of Wellness for health & wellness.

  3. Build support systems for participants to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Wellness through physical fitness is a passion that Kelly shares with members of the Get Fit team. She has been learning about the healing nature of nutrition and exercise practice for many years. Weight loss and weight maintenance have been accomplishments for Kelly. More importantly, her journey has been one of self-discovery through experimentation, goal-setting, set-backs and resilience. Last year, Kelly became a certified relationship systems coach through Alameda County where she is employed as a Program Specialist in Behavioral Health Care. Kelly is a mother of 3 teenagers. Her best advice: find what makes you feel well and do it often and joyfully.

Healthy living and wellness start with my state of mind, its how i feel about who i am and its normal that it changes – just like the weather. There are days that I feel on top of the world. And there are days in which I work to find out just where I am. For me, my wellness doesn’t have a number attached to it and it doesn’t conform to anyone else’s idea of how I should feel. What is attached to my wellness is the feeling that I have when I’m committed to my daily practice of exercise and healthy eating AND when I can forgive myself and move on when I am not able to meet my goal for any particular day. I work hard to maintain that feeling of strength and bliss that motivates me to keep going. For me, that happens to involve physical movement and a watchful eye on my eating habits.

Nutrition is everything for me. It affects my mood and helps me to learn about my body. Nutrition is a means of self-love and it’s a way to be creative. Good, healthy, carefully-chosen food reminds me of the abundance and the beauty that surrounds me. The deliberate way that I feed myself and my family remind me that I have many choices about how to be well.

Listening to my body is also a powerful form of self-care. My body tells me when I am hungry, thirsty and when I want rest. It reacts when I eat something that is not optimal for me and it feels pleasure when I provide good care.

One great pleasure for my body is drinking fresh water often. It gives me a lift by refreshing me and cooling me. I know that drinking plain water is one of those practices that is really good for me.


  • A healthy lifestyle is forever, not only until the weight is lost or the party is over. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes to fitness.

  • Setbacks are the setups for the comebacks! Build tolerance for challenging setbacks and make your back- on-track plan as soon as you know you are able – no matter how long the setback has been or how severe. There is always the next moment to dream into.

  • Recognize self-criticism and keep it as short as possible.

  • Work for comfort, functionality and wellness. Find YOUR sweet spot; don’t chase someone else’s.

  • We are all going to be different shapes and sizes! Yay for the differences.

  • You are worth your best efforts on your own behalf. Take your time, celebrate success, give gratitude to challenges and stay the course.


  • Weight Training

  • Yoga, Pilates and Stretching

  • Practicing good posture

  • Swim

  • Belly Dance

  • Meditating


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