GET FIT Campaign

The GET FIT program is a Health & Wellness course that educates participants on physical activity, nutrition, and mental wellness. The program’s duration is a 6 week course with physical activity, peer group support and healthy eating demonstrations.


  1. Provide information about exercise, hydration, nutrition, and mental wellness.

  2. Educate participants about the 8 Dimensions of Wellness for health & wellness.

  3. Build support systems for participants to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Get Fit Testimonials

Get Fit has amazing results! Get ready… Get set… Get fit…

'Get Fit’ is a program for anyone who would like to embark upon living a healthier

lifestyle through whole person care. Using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness ‘Get Fit’

teaches physical, mental, dietary, and nutritional lifestyle options that are

modified to meet us where we are while encouraging us in areas we can grow in.

We are encouraged to choose options that work best for us individually.

As for me a plus-size, middle-age, disabled woman ‘Get Fit’ was very supportive

and accessible. The Fitness Instructor began with an assessment, including

range/ability of motion, she modified movements as needed, and checked in

periodically to see how the modifications were going. Yoga and WalkN and

CheckN with Adriene was a bonus and gave me an opportunity to understand my

body and how it moves, while providing an opportunity to dig deeper into my

burning questions. Finally, the educational PowerPoints provided me with the

much-needed information to understand how to successfully plan and navigate

my fitness journey and healthier way of life.

Now that I am ready and set…I have the education and tools to turn my ‘Get fit’

class into a lifestyle.

-Charlissa Jones


  • A healthy lifestyle is forever, not only until the weight is lost or the party is over. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes to fitness.

  • Setbacks are the setups for the comebacks! Build tolerance for challenging setbacks and make your back- on-track plan as soon as you know you are able – no matter how long the setback has been or how severe. There is always the next moment to dream into.

  • Recognize self-criticism and keep it as short as possible.

  • Work for comfort, functionality and wellness. Find YOUR sweet spot; don’t chase someone else’s.

  • We are all going to be different shapes and sizes! Yay for the differences.

  • You are worth your best efforts on your own behalf. Take your time, celebrate success, give gratitude to challenges and stay the course.


  • Weight Training

  • Yoga, Pilates and Stretching

  • Practicing good posture

  • Swim

  • Belly Dance

  • Meditating

Join by completing a Get Fit Application

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