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What our participants had to say about being a part of the Get Fit Program:

  •    “I liked the way I felt after working out after each session; I felt refreshed.”

  •    “I felt stronger after the program ended and I really feel that I learned more about myself during the WRAP groups.”

  •    “I really liked being a part of a group.”

  •    “I feel more healthy.”

  •    “What I liked about the program is the focus on well-being.”

  • ​   “Being a part of the WRAP group made me uncomfortable at first because I didn’t know what to expect or what to say,       but the more I attended and became a part of it I was able to share and learn. I found the things that are important           to me to in order to stay well.”

  •    “After starting the program I got the desire to get my body to the way it was when I was playing college football.”

  •    “I have less hunger for 'bad' foods. “

  •    “Having this program really helped take away the mundane atmosphere here. It was new, it felt great.”

Meet Our Trainers

Tiffany Bell is a seasoned Health Promotion and Master Fitness Specialist with 20+ years experience. Ms. Bell is a pioneer in the promotion of health and fitness education to support community awareness around national epidemics such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and mental health matters. Ms. Bell implemented programs for seniors, youth, social organizations, medical hospitals and public health agencies. She teaches stress reduction, clean eating, and proper fitness. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a National Academy Sports Medicine, American Council of Exercise Personal Training certifications, plus extended education in nutrition, indoor cycling, yoga, and bodywork. Ms. Bell’s lifetime commitment is to guide others into the freedom that comes from better health.

Bobby Pope received his Bachelors Degree in African-American Studies from San Francisco State University and his Master’s Degree from University San Francisco in Sports and Fitness Management. He presently is a part-time faculty member in the Physical Education Department at Laney College and the Facilitator for the Alameda County African American Prostate Health Support Group. Mr. Pope is also a research interviewer on two University of California at San Francisco Prostate Health studies and a Committee Member of the Alameda County Department of Health/UCSF Helen Diller Family Cancer Research Center Men’s Health Committee.



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