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April 7th, 2018 @ Lake Merritt Sailboat House!!!

12th Call for Art Awards Ceremony​

All artists, family, and friends invited.

Contact Us at or Call 510-834-5990 for more info.

11th Call For Art Winner
"Stop the Violence"
by Ana Neifeld, Oakland Tech

"I chose to draw a woman and wrote "Stop the Violence". Police brutality is an ongoing special issue throughout the country. Police brutality against African Americans has plagued our nation with such severity that it has become a matter of not only physical safety, but mental. Members of the Black community live in fear that their lives will be taken everyday. Living in such a diverse city it pains me to see and hear about loved ones in danger."

11th Call for Art Winners​

Presenting the 11th Call for Art winning designs!

These images below are being released in various styles of media and public art campaigns from now until 2018


If you'd like to help us design these campaigns, join the Community Advisory Board!



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