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Extended Family

Retreat Event Coordinator

"Be Still"

Sharon Green

Sharon Green-Holder has been the Event Planner for Black Women’s Media Project since the first "Be Still" retreat in February 2006 where Ms. Laura Hayes was the celebrity guest speaker. Since then the retreats have occurred at least three times a year with a tremendous growth in the guest mailing list. In preparation for each retreat Sharon takes time to put in the "Love" she has for event planning: to bring to life the vision and the purpose of the retreats and at the same time to be of service to the "Be Still" Community. The "Be Still" family of Self-Care Practitioners continues to grow with each retreat. It’s amazing how the word gets out about the retreats and the overwhelming response of new potential Self-Care Practitioners. With the approval of the Executive Director, Sharon makes sure to carefully choose new Practitioners with the respect of the goal and the purpose of the retreats.


Sharon Green-Holder passion for event planning started at a young age. Since then she has planned a variety of events such as weddings, birthday and holiday celebrations, and spa gatherings. She is the Owner & CEO of Event Extraordinaire and serves as President of the Mom & Pop Green Non-Profit Organization.  Sharon is thankful for the continuing blessing to serve as the Event Planner for Black Women’s Media Project and the "Be Still" retreats.

Nzinga Mpdende

Special Events Planner

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Nzinga Mpdende learned the importance of community early in life. She believes that everyone is connected, and in that, use our influence to create a community where everyone can thrive. Nzinga believes all people should have the right to be their authentic selves, however, she, recognizes that marginalized communities face unique challenges which prevents them from readily being able to do so. Using herself as an example, Nzinga seeks to inspire those who have been marginalized or discriminated to access their voice and to exercise it for their personal growth and for the development of the community.


Nzinga earned a BA in Psychology from Shaw University in Raleigh, NC and an MS in Clinical Psychology from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA.

Anne Bacon


Tiffany Bell

Fitness Consultant

Tiffany Bell, Health & Fitness Consultant and Master Trainer  is passionate about teaching and demonstrating healthy living, fitness and stress reduction to individual regardless of the physical and mental limitations.  Ms. Bell finds solutions to attain a healthier state through therapeutic stress reducing self care, clean eating, and proper physical activity. She teaches various group classes with low to high intensities for cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength training.   Ms. Bell has implemented programs to serve as a powerful supplement to medical interventions for seniors, youth, and social organizations to medical hospitals and public health agencies. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, several certifications in personal training, nutrition, indoor cycling, dance, yoga, and Reiki. With over 15 years experience, Ms. Bell has made a lifetime commitment to guide others into the freedom that comes from better health.

Anne Bacon formerly served as Project Director of Alameda County’s Innovation Grants Program Technical Assistance. In the past 10 years she has also served HHREC as, first, a volunteer, then Roving Art Show Coordinator, and later Program Coordinator for Health Through Art  and agency Administrative Manager. She was also a winner in the 2002 5th Call for Art, with the message "It will rain, but that’s what umbrellas are for." A musician and writer, Annie has released 6 CDs with her band annie bacon & her OSHEN, composed and recorded a Folk Opera, and written poetry and prose in abundance. She believes in art as an empathic bridge, and in empathy as a political statement against all "Other"-isms. She believes in community, and technology, and that every person has a story.  She holds a BA from Ithaca College in Politics and Legal Studies, sits on the Board of Directors for the community mental health non-profit Liberation Institute in San Francisco, and immensely enjoys motherhood.