Downtown TAY provides culturally responsive and trauma- informed programs, workshops, and outings to Transitional Age Youth of the African Diaspora in Alameda County between the ages of 18 – 24. Our mission is to empower our young adult community by connecting them to their culture, inspiring hope, promoting critical thinking and cultivating creativity while supporting their overall health and wellness.

Downtown TAY serves as a Resource Center to support African-American Transitional Aged Youth, to connect to needed resources that include housing, employment, health care, educational development, mental health and wellness. Through a wealth of peer led and intergenerational programs, Downtown TAY works to educate, elevate and inspire Transitional Age Youth (18-24). 


Three programmatic areas focused on are:

  • The Culture Broker Academy - a 4-week culturally responsive trauma informed and strength-based curriculum.

  • Peer Support - Bi-weekly peer led groups such as Sista 2 Sista and Brother 4 Brother, inspire health, growth and development in the workplace and community.

  • Activate Health- creativity classes that include various forms of self-expression such as cooking, art, music, dance and writing.