The Health and Human Resource Education Center (HHREC) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization governed by a multi-ethnic Board of Directors. HHREC is committed to creating healthy communities by improving the overall health and quality of life of Bay Area residents by reducing the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and eliminating racism and violence of all kinds. HHREC contracts with Alameda County Department’s Behavioral Health Care Services and Public Health, as well as a host of other funding partners to plan and implement a variety of health promotion, substance abuse and mental health prevention programs and community leadership opportunities.


HHREC blends health, art, media, and local community voices to create a community-based prevention and early intervention strategy that addresses collective physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.  All programs engage local residents (children, youth, adults and elders), consumers, family members and service providers to organize, design and plan program activities.



Brendalynn Goodall, President

Brendalynn Goodall is an accomplished administrator with more than 25 years in the field of aging and workforce development.  Brendalynn has expertise in the areas of planning, community organization, program administration, and personnel management.  She served from 2001-2011, as the Aging & Adult Services Manager with the City Of Oakland, Department of Human Services, oversaw five programs for seniors and adults with disabilities and provided services to approximately 4,000 older adults annually.  As a native of Oakland, Brendalynn earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Social Work from two Bay Area institutions.  Recently, semi-retired, Brendalynn is exploring all options where she can utilize her skills and assets to continue to make a difference in her community.

Our Board of Directors
Bob Matthews, Treasurer

Bob Matthews is a semi-retired minister, hospital chaplain, public health administrator and community advocate for economic, racial and social justice. He has been associated with HHREC since the inception of the Health Through Art Program when he served as Deputy Director of the Alameda County Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs and the County Alcohol Program Administrator. During his twenty-nine year career with Alameda County he also worked in the Welfare and Public Health Departments. He was the primary architect of the first Faith and Health Partnership Program of any public health department in the nation. Throughout is career Rev. Matthews has been involved with numerous community-based efforts to create and maintain both healthy individuals and healthy communities.

Timothy Batts, J.D., Board Member

Timothy Batts, J.D., has more than twenty years of experience in the insurance litigation and loss prevention.  His primary areas of focus have been complex litigation, outcome analytics and strategic loss prevention.  He is currently employed with the Law Offices of Casalina & Disston, located in Oakland, California. After completing his undergraduate studies at Boston University, he obtained his Juris Doctorate from University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill.  Mr. Batts began his career providing comprehensive loss prevention and claims management services to hospitals, medical facilities, surgical centers and physicians. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Mr. Batts is actively involved in his county’s election process.  Serving as a Precinct Inspector from 2010 - 2012, he was instrumental in the implementation of the Ranked Choice Balloting introduced to Alameda County in the 2010 election cycle.

  • Larry Williams, Co-founder
  • Joel Clark, Co-founder
  • Grace Rico-Peña
  • Leroy Looper
  • Arnold Perkins
  • James Snyder
  • Karen Messier
  • Latisha Baker
  • Sheila James
  • Dr. Marcus Penn
  • Dr. Margaret Jones
  • Thelma Austin
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