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Wellness for All

The Challenge

In the U.S., people with serious mental health challenges die 25 years younger than the general population of chronic health conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, HIV and AIDS). These increased death and disease rates "are largely due to treatable medical conditions that are caused by modifiable risk factors" such as stigma/discrimination, poverty, and lack of coordination between primary care and mental health services [Medical Directors Council of the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, 2006].

The Solution

We believe in supporting the whole person,  taking a holistic approach to wellness and providing options and choices for recovery.

The Pledge 

Over the next 10 years, Alameda County’s 10X10 campaign will promote services, activities and policies, incorporating the 8 dimensions of wellness, that seek to increase the life expectancy of mental health consumers by 10 Years.

HHREC coordinates and implements this project for Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services as part of their Mental Health Services Act funding.

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8 Dimensions of Wellness

According to SAMHSA, "Wellness means overall well-being. It includes the mental, emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of a person’s life...

Wellness for All

The GET FIT program is a Health & Wellness course that educates participants on physical activity, nutrition, and mental wellness...

Mental Health Awareness  Month

We Move for Health (WM4H) is a festive event celebrating mental health awareness month.

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