The Health & Human Resource Education Center creates healthy communities through intergenerational and innovative approaches to wellness programs and services.



Over the next 10 years, Alameda County’s 10x10 Wellness Campaign, will promote services, activities and policies, incorporating the 8 dimensions of wellness, that seek to increase the life expectancy of mental health consumers by 10 Years. Projects include: annual "We Move For Health", Get Fit Program, and workshops.

The Black Women's Media and Wellness Project (BWMP) promotes mental health wellness and recovery. For 10 years the project has held quarterly stress-reduction and self-care retreats popularly known as Be Still. The BWMWP published two Crossing the Invisible Line publications, a “Jet” style magazine to educate and stimulate dialogue in African American communities about mental health, substance abuse recovery, and lifestyles that promote health and wellness. The Community Advisory Board meets once a month to plan and coordinate the Be Still retreats.

Health Through Art (HTA) was created in 1989 as an antidote to pervasive media imagery promoting alcohol, tobacco, unhealthy lifestyles, and cultural and gender stereotypes. Utilizing a community based process, the project issues a bi-annual Call for Art from community residents, local artist, schools and community groups to create thought provoking messages that promote positivity, empowerment, and health on billboards, AC Transit buses and bus shelters, BART and in other public media spaces.

Comprehensive technical assistance through all phases of the Innovation Grants Program. From outreach about the grants, and assistance for potential applicants, to in-depth work with grantees to assist them in fulfilling their grant objectives.

Downtown TAY provides trauma informed services to Transitional Age Youth in Alameda County between the ages of 16 – 24. Our mission is to empower our young adult community by connecting them to their culture, inspiring hope, promoting critical thinking and cultivating creativity while supporting their overall health and wellness.

Whether spearheading art contests to design logos, coordinating massive outreach on behalf of County administrators, facilitating focus groups and community meetings, or consulting with individual cities on how to integrate authentic community-based process techniques, HHREC is consistently called upon as a valuable resource to the community.



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